Lanier Animal Hospital

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A Listing of Our Service
We provide a variety of services to help keep your pets healthy and happy.

Veterinary Medicine

Our goal is to keep your pet healthy. Lanier Animal Hospital is equipped with some of the most modern equipment available, including a digital x-ray, a digital dental x-ray, an ultrasound machine and several in-house bloodwork machines, all of which allows us to quickly diagnose your pet's issue and to give you fast and reliable answers when it counts the most. We are prepared to provide hospitalization to critically ill patients when needed, including intravenous fluid therapy, oxygen and supportive care. If your pet requires it, we work closely with internal medicine specialists and surgery specialists.


Our boarding facility is like no other in the area! Our focus on safety and the comfort of your pet is unparalleled. For example, disease can lay in the ground for months so we clean our outdoor walking area three times a day. We don't just pick things up - we spray everything down with parvocide. We separate the wards so that no more than 12 suites are in a single area. Our smallest suite is 48" x 72", which is larger than many facilities' BIGGEST. We walk your pet at least three times a day, give them a tea-time treat and pipe in classical music. You can even watch your pet on our webcam while you are away 24/7.


We are all busy, so we make grooming as convenient for you as possible by allowing you to make appointments so that you can sechedule your day. Need additional flexibility instead? No problem - simply drop your dog off earlier in the day and pick him up when it is convenient for you. Regardless of how you set the appointment up, we designed the grooming suite with your pet's unique needs in mind and only use the safest tools and techniques. For example, we minimize impacts to joints and bones with walk-in tubs and with tables that have hydraulic lifts. We hand dry whenever possible or use non-heated air drying, and we have three different tubs to accomodate different sized dogs.


We offer state-of-the-art technology in our surgical suite. The safety of your pet is our number one priority, which is why we always do pre-operative blood work, place an IV cathether and run IV fluids. With advanced monitoring equipment, gas anesthesia, and trained veterinary technician to assist, we are ready for any of your pet's surgical needs including spays, neuters, mass removals or even orthopedics. We also offer a viewing window for those who wish to view their pet's surgery.


Dentistry is an often-overlooked but extremely important part of your pet's health. Untreated dental disease can cause significant discomfort as well as permanent loss of teeth and gum tissue. Our dentistry is performed under the safest anesthesia possible. We always run pre-operative bloodwork to make sure that your pet is healthy enough to undergo the necessary anesthesia, and advanced monitoring equipment is used throughout the entire procedure. Each tooth is carefully evaluated using digital dental x-rays to ensure that it is healthy from root to crown. Additionally, our staff will take the time teach you how to keep those teeth pearly white after they are cleaned!


Acupuncture is the insertion of needles into specific points of the body to cause a desired healing effect. Acupuncture can stimulate nerves, increase blood circulation, relieve muscle spasms and cause the release of hormones. Acupuncture is not a cure-all but can work very well for a wide variety of ailments including:

  • General weakness
  • Chronic and acute pain
  • Neurological disease
  • Skin problems
  • Respiratory problems
  • Hormone diseases, like
    • Cushings
    • Diabetes
    • Incontinence
    • Hyper/Hypothyroidism


Birds, reptiles, guinea pigs, rabbits, rats, snakes, turtles and ferrets are all brought to Lanier Animal Hospital to receive the best in exotic veterinary services and care. For all of these special animals, yearly veterinary exams are tailored for their needs where we will do a complete consultation, physical exam, and husbandry evaluation. We offer hospitalization and can provide a wide array of surgical options as necessary.

Geriatric Health

One year is the equivalent of 4-6 years worth of aging in senior dogs and cats. A lot can change medically in that much time. We recommend these older patients be examined every 6 months to try to catch changes as soon as possible. Most diseases are much more effectively treated in the early stages and end up being less expensive as well. Physical exams and blood work are the cornerstone for quality pet care at any age, but especially for seniors as we look for common age-related illnesses such as arthritis, kidney failure, diabetes and heart disease.


You have a huge resource at your disposal in Dr. McCormick-Rantze and her highly-trained staff! Let us help you to nip those behavior-related problems in the bud! Behavior-related problems are a major reason for euthanasia at animal shelters. If you are experiencing problems with your pet, please let us help. Often, a life can be saved via training and certain medical therapies.