Lanier Animal Hospital

5700 Cumming Highway Sugar Hill, GA 30518 - (770) 831-5965     Hours: Mon - Fri 7AM-6PM, Sat 8AM-Noon


We designed Lanier Animal Hospital with a focus on the safety of pets, owners, and employees. There are safety measures here that you will not see in any other animal hospital in the area. Designing safety measures this way took extra time, effort, and money, but we would not sacrifice safety for anything. The following lists some of the safety features that we have put in place.

General Safety

  • Monitored sprinklers and smoke detectors - no other hospital in the area has them
  • A two door exit system throughout the hospital so that once a pet is admitted there will always be at least two doors to exit (even in outdoor areas) in case a pet gets loose
  • All doors have auto closers (even gates in the walking areas)
  • Electrical outlets in pet-friendly areas are 42" above the floor
  • Monitored security system
  • Perimeter camera system, reording 24/7
  • Redundant servers so that we can always access your records
  • All records are backed up off-site nightly to a secured vault

Boarding Safety

  • Separation of suites into 4 smaller areas to control odor, noise, and possibility of disease outbreak
  • Artificial turf walking area that is disinfected three times a day
  • Indoor, climate-controlled play area with a rubberized floor - pets can safely exercise regardless of weather conditions
  • Suites are all solid surface - NO chain link here - to prevent injuries and ensure that we can thoroughly clean and disinfect
  • Suites have 1/2 glass doors to prevent dogs from seeing each other and help keep them calm while still allowing the area to be light and open
  • Smaller condos are available for small dogs that would be intimidated by the large suites
  • Cat areas have a drywall ceiling instead of a drop ceiling to prevent those wily felines from escaping

Veterinary Safety

  • Separate walking areas for boarding, hospital, and isolation.
  • Separate entrance for highly infectious animals
  • Full-glass partitions for hospitalized animals so that we can observe but also control odor and noise
  • Separate hospitalized area for dogs and for cats
  • All surgeries require an IV catheter and pre-anesthetic blood work
  • Separate washer and dryer for hospital and for boarding and grooming areas

Grooming Safety

  • Three separate tubs for different sized dogs, two of them are walk-in
  • Tables have hydraulic lifts to minimize lifting and impacts to bones and joints
  • No heated cage drying
  • All natural, cruelty free shampoos are seected based on needs